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Is it Acceptance or Fear?

I recently had a thought-provoking conversation with someone. It was very unexpected. I met someone on a social media platform and we got talking over the phone. We shared our life experiences to know each other better. It was during one of those phone calls that he asked me a question which no one had asked me before.

He asked me, “Bhumika, which is that thing that makes you comfortable in making any decision in your life?”

I was caught off-guard by this question. I hesitated for a moment and then became quiet.

After a while I answered, “I think it’s the confidence that helps me in decision making.”

He said, “More than confidence, it is acceptance! Confidence comes from the fact that you have the acceptance of making your own decisions and also the acceptance of the results that come from those decisions.”

I was stunned for a moment. I had never really thought about it that way. That conversation left me deeply thoughtful, and these two questions arose in my mind.

Are we living our lives motivated by the self-acceptance of the decisions we make and their outcomes?


Are we letting fear and anxiety determine the fate of our decisions and their outcomes?

Remember: The outcomes of these two cases may differ vastly from each other.

Based on true events.

Experienced and Written by Bhumika Bhansali.

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